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検索としては、例えば、イギリスのYahooから→Departments→文化省→(テキストバージョンを選択して)→スポーツ政策へ。以下、この中にあったA sporting future for Allの中身をまずは検討。



a sporting future for all

The Governments Plan for Sport



昨年(2000年)「みんなのためのスポーツの将来」を公表した後に、「スポーツ戦略実施グループ」(Sport Strategy Implementation Group)を政府は立ち上げた。


Preface 3) For the first time in the history of sport development

in this country, Government policy-making involved the people who actually

work in sport at all levels - in schools, Local Authorities, communities,

National Governing Bodies, administrative bodies, sports charities and equity

groups. (KATE HOEY MP Minister for Sport



P) after consultations with other Government

Departments and key agencies,



5We have

already established 84 Specialist Sports Colleges in 59 Local Education

Authorities, and 195 School Sport Co-ordinators have started working with

teachers in their families of schools to provide more activities for pupils to

play competitive sport. Jacqui Smith MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for School Standards) ←訳?学校の水準に関する議会委員会次官



7Their comprehensive action plan re p r e s e n t s

the most significant sporting manifesto ever seen in the United Kingdom.



7) there is a public commitment to train, develop and recognise

the dedicated volunteers without whom much community and club sport

would never happen.



11) The establishment of the School Sport Alliance in November 2000 is a

significant step, bringing together the key stakeholders in the development of

physical education and school sport facilities and programmes. ///////The Alliance partners are the

Department for Education and Employment, the Department for Culture

Media and Sport, Sport England, the Youth Sport Trust and the New

Opportunities Fund. ////and the Alliance will consult with local government, through

the LGA, to ensure t h at proposals link effective ly with local sport and cultural

plans and community strategies.

200011月における「学校スポーツ連合」the School Sport Allianceは重要なステップであり、体育と学校スポーツの施設とプログラムの発展において鍵となる保障人である。この連合のパートナーとしては、教育雇用省、文化省、スポーツイングランド、青少年スポーツトラスト、そして「新しい機会のための基金」である。連合は地方政府協会を通じて地方政府との協議も行う。


13) Three Government Departments - DCMS,

DfEE and DETR - are working alongside Sport

England, the Central Council of Physical

Recreation and the National Playing Fields

Association to oversee the effectiveness of the

initiatives which the Government has put in

place to tighten controls on proposals to dispose

of and develop school playing fields, and to

collate more reliable data on such proposals.